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Hello- zine with far side collective
Hello Farside collective
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A zine about a worker taking a little break from his manual labour work to make a phone call. The project was done with Farside Collective in Leh. There are a lot of migrant workers that pour in Leh for Manual work. It’s interesting how the region of Leh requires manual workers from outside. Most of the Leh residents have done well for themselves due to tourism and they don’t have to resort to Manual Work. That's why they require to get workers from other states( mainly UP and Bihar). The zine showcases the worker moving through the Leh market, flooded with rugs and chatchkis, to find someone known to make a phone call from. The comic is a satire on the consumerist lives that we tourists lead in Leh, versus the life of a migrant worker, bereft of basic necessity like a cell-phone. 

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