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Bira x The Irregulars Art Fair

Bira x The Irregulars Art Fair

These Illustrations were done for "April Fool's fest" for The "Irregular Art Fair", in collaboration with Bira. The theme of the artwork was "Make play" . These four, 12*4 feet panels were my interpretation.


A combination of maximalism and absurdity, these artworks are juxtaposition of things that traditionally don’t go together. From a mild dosage of sucrose in a candy popsicle to candy littered on pizza, these artwork are high sucrose mental regurgitations. Sitting atop the mountain of vegetables and candy is the inventor of all these absurd dream, the pressure cooker man. He cooks up all these thoughts in his head, lets the juices of the thoughts mingle in the mental broth, and when done, he releases the whistle of his head with the fork. 

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