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Millipede is an online shop where you can browse footwear by individuals who wish to reduce your carbon footprint. You can spend time in the millipede store, and Time is the only currency. But, you can't buy anything!

Millipede is project done in collaboration with Quicksand Design Studio, national theatre of Scotland, British council, and Think Arts. The Idea was to create a theatrical web presentation to showcase all the  innovative footwear entries. This online presentation was supposed to be a play that was adapted into a web experience due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

^ Introductory video to the millipede website showing earth covered with waste.

Since this was an experimental project, we had brainstorm sessions with the team at Theatre of Scotland to come up with the ideas for this fictional mall. We translated these ideas into rough drawings that we used to discuss different features in the site. 

^ Early Rough drawings to facilitate discussing the project with the team 1. Earth covered in trash attached to a shoelace , 2. Celestial Shoe mall opening up to reveal the insides, 3. Shoe mall that you can roam around in, 4. Questionnaire attached to the shoelace before you enter the mall

Post agreeing on a loose structure of the interactions and structure of the website, we decided to create early proof of concepts to gauge what the team likes and dislikes. Fleshing out relatively high fidelity artefacts allowed the team to make decisions on what directions we wanted to go with the website.

^ 1. Low fidelity drawing of earth covered in trash‎, 2. Early concept of an isometric gallery that you can scan through, 3. Alternative concept of the shoe gallery with vertical displays with the entries from the participants and different shoe sculptures on display.

Parallel to the effort to finalising the design elements of the website, we also rendered various styles and versions of the the illustration to arrive at the final look.

^ 1. Hand drawn drawing concept art of the shoe mall , 2. Sci-Fi looking shy clown boo covered in insects and a millipede, 3. A shoe made out of grass and covered in insects, 4. Weathered Leather boot covered in insects

v We decided on the weathered old boot, covered in just a few insects as the Shoe mall