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Eymyth Media Arts Festival 2019

Eyemyth is the premiere media arts festival in India that highlights South-Asian Media artists. This year the theme of the event was delicious storytelling. The festival is undertaken by Quicksand Design studio. I was responsible for branding the event with the illustration and the visual style.

Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 10.05.53 AM.png
Ahoi Mata Pooja Poster- Poster to pay offerings to during festivities
Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 10.05.36 AM.png

^ Above 1. Kirtimukha at Ellora Cave 16, Aurangabad, ‎Maharashtra‎, 2. Ahoi Mata Pooja Poster- Poster to pay offerings to during festivities, 3. Mughal Era Miniature Painting with flat primary colours

The main artwork takes Inspiration from the dynamic Ahoi mata pooja poster I used to see during festivities. I liked the informal form of storytelling in the artifact. The artwork also takes inspiration from Miniature paintings and rock- cut relief work of Ajanta and Ella caves. Some food elements were added to tie in the ‘Delicious Storytelling’ theme for the event . The artefact was kept geometric with bold use of primary colours.

Rough Devi illustration Eyemyth

The shapes in the illustration were kept fairly geometric. As the event was based in Mumbai and focused on media creatives, some elements like gadgets and Mumbai public transport were added to make the artwork richer. Geometric patterns that mimic flowers were added to the artwork. These elements were extended to be used as branding elements for the collaterals. 

Three different characters were created, whose bodies and faces could permutate to make unique characters. These extensions were used in collaterals and other branding implementations.

Flex Poster in Mumbai. Type logo designed by Utsav Chaturvedi. Image credit- Utsav Chaturvedi.

Poster, tote-bag, sticker-pack, brochure and other collaterals designed for the attendees. Image credit- Utsav Chaturvedi.